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  • to feel good or fine

Omar Ramo is a latino local artist in Orlando, FL. The artist himself discovered his talent as a child. The curiosity for human anatomy developed during his high school years in a time when the artist started experiencing mental health problem. He struggled to keep his balance between feeling good and bad without knowing what was going on in his own head. He had a lost of identity and purpose which created a challenge in life. Art helped and guided him to express his thoughts and emotions through mediums from graphite to digital art which was praised in his first art expo EXPOSED in 2019. Omar continued to create events to help raise awareness for mental health in hope to influence others to discuss more about the topic in homes with family and friends and in schools. 


Omar's creations is inspired by Roman Greek Statues of Gods and Goddesses and other deities from different culture. His imagination sexualizes men and women and translate the desire of self love and acceptance. Omar's modo is to stay "GOOSH" - to feel good or fine - whenever the mood is unbalanced. This reminder helps him to keep a clear mind and a message to stay humble. 

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