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The Beginning

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Oh how I am so pleased to present my first ever Omar Ramo collections. This will be separated in two parts signifying both sides of my personality. Omar style is emotional and passionate with cooler to nude tone colors while Ramo is opposite with fun colors and an urban style. I was never good on expressing myself with words so clothing and art materials were a great way to start. I grew up not having much, so being creative and out of the box was encouraged in my family. As the middle child I tended to sit and watch how my family performed with their own talents. My father is a cosmetologist and mother loved dancing and performances. They both helped support in anyway to make my dreams come true. It wasn't always easy to just come up with ideas for artwork or bigger projects to raise awareness. I have found myself most of the time feeling so low and unmotivated. The pressure of not knowing who I was or meant to be was always bringing me in to a darker mind set. After a few research on the web and a visit to the doctors, I was clinically diagnosed with anxiety and depression. Unfortunately this runs in both side of my family but I am lucky to have found a way to cope with it. Art is my therapy and to start the healing process I've dug deep in to my memories and start connecting and healing the pieces that were missing, blocked, and forgotten. As you read about my artwork on the collections you'll find a little bit of stories from my own past memories. My goal is to let people of all ages that you are not alone. Many of us don't even know what our purpose in this world. But I am more than willing to help teach those who are interested on how to express in a creative way. Stay tuned for more upcoming news. Stay Goosh my friends and family.

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